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Washing Machine Being Serviced

Appliance Repair Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Dishwasher Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Turn to Norris Appliance when you need appliance repair services in Pittsburgh, PA. We provide comprehensive on-site repairs to take care of any issues with your fridge, stove, washer, or other appliances. Our uniformed technicians have the tools and experience needed to troubleshoot your appliance issues efficiently.

By thoroughly diagnosing the problem, our team is able to quickly find the best solution to get your equipment up and running again. If we find that your appliance needs new parts, we usually have replacements on-hand. This helps to minimize our downtime so that we can finish your dishwasher, freezer, or oven repair even sooner. We guarantee the quality of the parts we use and also offer a warranty on the services we provide. Contact us to learn more about our repair services and to let our skilled technicians take care of any fixes your appliances need.

Quick and Quality Garbage Disposal Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

When a garbage disposal is clogged or nonfunctioning, it can push dirty water into your sink and make the whole kitchen smell awful. The good news is that Norris Appliance is always here to help. Our family-owned-and-operated business is available 24 hours a day for emergency garbage disposal repair in Pittsburgh, PA. With more than 30 years of experience servicing the appliance industry’s top brands, we can get rid of messes, clogs, and bad odors fast. You’ll be able to use your disposal again in no time thanks to our hassle-free work.

Hiring professionals like us for home appliance repair keeps everyone safe in addition to ensuring speedy service. We know how to work with garbage disposal blades in a way that avoids injury and gets them cutting your food again. Rather than risk losing a finger, play it safe and call the Norris crew. Our work is better for your safety, your pipes, your kitchen, and your trash can. The highly trained experts on our team put the same effort into fixing your garbage disposal as they do in our other services, like dishwasher or refrigerator repair.

Hooking Up New Appliances

In addition to our thorough appliance repair services, our team also has experience handling the installation of new appliances. We have the tools needed to connect your devices, ensuring they function correctly. Our technicians also work on gas appliance hook-ups and will make sure they are connected properly so that there are no risks of leaks.